Father's Day is June 16

Heritage Mugs are one of our most popular items at Umami Mart. People dig their retro style and they love them even more when they hear their cool backstory: these mugs aren't just vintage-looking, they're actually vintage! Originally made in the 1960s for American consumers by family-owned Kenzan Ceramics in Toki City, Japan, they never made it Stateside until we happened to hear about them on a trip to Japan. When we saw them with our own eyes, we knew we had to bring them to Umami Mart. Part-Japanese, part-American (just like Umami Mart!), Heritage Mugs combine Japanese glazing techniques with healthy American proportions. Each mug holds 12 generous ounces and is conveniently microwave and dishwasher safe!

We've just added two more Heritage Mugs from the Kenzan Ceramics archives to our collection. Introducing the Arthur and Arctic Indigo Mug. Unlike our other Heritage Mugs, Arthur and Arctic Indigo have rounded bottoms and a more hippie, earthy aesthetic (kinda like that Deadhead chick you knew in high school). But as with the rest of the collection, Arthur and Artic Indigo are vintage deadstock items, so supplies are limited.