Father's Day is June 16

It all happened organically, like all things do here at Umami Mart. The other day, Charles Chen, of the wildly popular Basuku Cheesecakes walked in to get some tea from our shop. He was dialing in a new hojicha flavor for a new, seasonal cheesecake. After chatting and catching up on our respective years dealing with Covid, we decided it'd be fun to do a flash sale of the new hojicha flavor that weekend at Umami Mart!

It takes Charles a full three days to prepare his cakes. Each one is meticulously crafted with luxurious dairy from Alexandre Dairy Farm in Crescent City, and the finest ingredients to accent special seasonal flavors like Cookies + Cream and Hojicha. 

Each one weighs a ton and can easily serve 8 people.

We were honored to have Charles deliver 32 cakes to our store that Sunday, pleasing the crowd that started lining up at 8:30am!

Here is a shot of the line outside.

Hojicha and Original side-by-side.

Hosting friends is our pleasure (especially when it involves delicious sweets) and we will certainly do this again with Basuku! Stay tuned to @umamimart on Instagram for the next one.

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