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Happy Shochu'sday!

I'm still riding our birthday wave over here, and with our Anniversary Sale having just ended, I really need a drink!

Today I highlight the very special Sennen No Nemuri, barrel aged in oak for several years. I enjoyed this genshu (tank strength) shochu neat on this occasion, to get all the subtle notes of vanilla, jasmine, and honey. Each sip is light on its feet yet exquisite – the perfect nightcap when you want to pamper yourself a bit.

And might I mention that this bottle hails from Shinozaki Distillery, makers of the rockstar whisky of the moment, Takamine 8 Year Koji Whisky. So they know a thing or two about distillation and aging.

Pssst, I just received word that the supplier has no more of these Sennen bottles and there's not an ETA in sight. We have three bottles left. Hurry and treat yourself to a bottle!



Column: Shochu'sday


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