Umami Mart Registry

Do you ever wake up parched in the middle of the night? Half-asleep and comfortable in bed, you try to ignore your thirst, but then you can't fall back asleep because all you can think about is that refreshing glass of water – so many steps away in the kitchen or bathroom. What a nightmare! Well, if you had our new Diamond Cut Glass Bedside Carafe Set you'd never have that problem, because that liquid refreshment would be right next to you, a quick and easy pour away.

Of course, you could also use this elegant carafe to keep a nightcap – or as we call it, sweet-dream fuel – within close proximity to your bed. Whatever liquid you keep inside it, the carafe holds about 17 ounces and the inverted glass acts as a cap to prevent dust and debris from getting in. Now that's what we call a good bedside manner.