Father's Day is June 16

I spent the weekend with my good friend Naoko in her cabin in the woods this weekend in Nagano. We had a wonderful time catching up, sleeping, going to the onsen (hot springs), reading, and of course, watching tv. This commercial is by far the best thing I've seen in a long time.

The gentleman keeps repeating futomen-dou-dou, which means "fat noodles-dou-dou." Like futomen-do-do? What is dou-dou? Even more puzzling is the reason for this name, 'Hybrid'. In the grocery store tonight, I tried looking for these Hybrid cup noodles, to make some sense of these 'hybrid' noodles, but came home empty-handed.

In the end of the commercial, the guy says, "Even without a car, it's a hybrid/ even though it's ramen, it's hybrid." Uhhhhhhh.

Yup, I love Japan.


  • Ha ha, that’s brilliant. I think it’s hybrid because it’s a mixture of fried and non-fried noodles?

    sakura on

  • Is that the bad ramen that you ate?

    allison on

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