Umami Mart Registry

Mame gohan (beans and rice) with English sweet peas, organic radish, negi (green onions) and katsuo bushi (bonito flakes).

Serves 2

1 cup short grain rice (washed)
1 1/8 cup dashi or water
1 cup shucked and blanched English sweet peas
1/2 cup cut and blanched organic radishes
1/2 cup katsuo bushi
2 tbsp thin sliced negi
A dash of soy sauce

1. Cook rice in a small nabe pot or in rice cooker with dashi or water. I used a small nabe pot and dashi -- add rice and dashi in nabe and cover. Cook over low heat for 15-20 minutes.
2. Blanch shucked peas in salted water till tender and shuck out of outer skin layer.
3. Cut radishes the same size as the peas and blanch in salted water till tender.
4. Once the rice is cooked, add a layer of katsuo bushi on top of the rice, then layer peas and radish, and sprinkle negi on top of the whole dish.
5. Add a dash of shoyu and mix it all together.


*Kid Skwid is a sous chef at Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills. On his rare days off, he enjoys riding his bike around LA and going to the beach. Follow him on Instagram (@kidskwid5) to see his gourmet breakfasts at Casa de Kei.