Father's Day is June 16

Our newest Flat Bottom Circle Glasses with Gold Rim are an elevated version of our Flat Bottom Circle Glasses. The circumference of each glass is edged in gold, making these otherwise simple, but well-designed tumblers, stand out. Very snazzy, if we do say so ourselves!

Circle Glasses come in three sizes – Small (3.4 oz), Medium (7 oz), and Large (11 oz) – that nest within each other. The small glasses are perfect for sipping sake, mezcal, tequila, or other straight spirits. The medium glasses work well for wine or water. And the large glasses can be used as double rocks glasses. These are just suggestions, of course, so feel free to get creative and use these elegant glasses for whatever you damn well please.


Flat Bottom Circle Glasses with Gold Rim are dishwasher safe. Each size comes in a pack of six. Get one size, or all three to make a nice, cozy set!