Father's Day is June 16
DSC_1799 Kayoko and I test every product we place in the store. We have to love it, use it, and find a place for it in our kitchens. This means that while it needs to look good, it also has to be easy enough for me to understand within the first five minutes of opening the box. One of the most common questions we get asked at the store is "How do you use this Hario V60 Iced Coffee Maker?" That's why I decided to post a "how-to" article about this gadget. If you enjoy the ritual of making a hot cup of coffee every morning, get ready to incorporate another coffee ritual into your weekly repertoire. It's fun, simple, and most of all, rewarding. Be your own shorts-wearing barista this summer and have smooth, rich cold brew on deck all day – within arms reach. thumbs-up-borderBecause cold brewing requires a lot of beans I use it as an opportunity to use beans that have an older roast date or beans that you aren't crazy about. The lack of heat also yields a less bitter brew, so coffee beans that I find too acidic or abrasive when brewed hot are great candidates for cold brew.

Cold Brew Coffee

Makes 8 cups INGREDIENTS 110 grams (approximately 8 tbsp) unground coffee beans Water METHOD 1. Grind the beans. You can also use pre-ground beans. DSC_1770 2. Remove the filter from the cold brew unit. DSC_1771 3. Add the grounds. It will come up almost to the top of the white mesh. Fit the filter onto the glass pitcher. DSC_1772 4. Slowly add water into the filter. I like to pour very slowly so that the water has the opportunity to soak into the beans thoroughly. DSC_1775 5. After a few minutes, the first drops will appear. DSC_1776 Drip, drop. DSC_1780 Drip, drippity, drop. DSC_1784 6. After filling it to the top, put the unit into the refrigerator for eight hours (do not remove the filter). DSC_1785 7. Eight hours later... Good morning! DSC_1786 8. Remove the filter. DSC_1787 9. Mix it around. DSC_1790 10. Enjoy over ice or neat. DSC_1793 11. Or with milk. DSC_1799 This, shorts, and that chair on the patio is my equivalent to going to the Bahamas. DSC_1795 Enjoy!