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Happy Shochu'sday!

There's nothing like a janky meal lazily slapped together that calls for an upscale drink, am I right?! A fancy cocktail or a fine wine can effortlessly turn a drab Monday into a jazzy Friday night. Case in point on a recent evening where I came home not wanting to cook, so I did the easiest thing possible: peeled open a few packs of that classic Maruchan yakisoba and tossed it with some cabbage, onions, and ham. Yakisoba came late into my life as a dinner option – I started craving those fried noodles draped in Worcestershire sauce constantly when I was pregnant and ate it several times a week. These days, I always have a bag in my fridge but I don't cook it so often. And Maruchan isn't that great either – does anyone out there have another fave brand?

But I digress. Once I had the plate of hot yakisoba in front of me, I wondered what I would drink. Yakisoba is beer food but I wanted something extra posh. How about Crio Frozen Moon 2020 Sweet Potato Shochu? This shochu is pretty luxe – too luxe, you may think, for such a beige meal. But you're wrong. The hint of spice in this shochu matched perfectly with the vinegary, gooey sweetness of my yakisoba. It was spot on.

This shochu is made with with sweet potatoes grown by the maker Yachiyoden Shuzo themselves, that are then harvested and frozen. From there, Crio is born. The shochu is crisp yet full of nectarine and grapefruit notes. We like to keep this bottle in the fridge and serve cold, or on the rocks is just as nice. Crio is a muroka (unfiltered), so you want to drink it young and fresh!


Umami Mart Co-Founder + Shochu Director


Column: Shochu'sday


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