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All Twin Peaks fanatics should listen to Wrapped in Podcast - a podcast dedicated to the third season of Twin Peaks. I envision that it's three guys, on a couch, discussing and dissecting each episode; I appreciate the support it yields for all the hair-raising happenings in the last 10 episodes. I especially enjoy the segment on the show called "Ken's Beverage Corner" which analyzes the world of drinks in David Lynch's galaxy. From fine Bordeaux, whisky and rum to coffee and green tea lattes, Ken covers it all, one by one. Kanpai, Gordon Cole! (via Cindy Kumano)

We are huge Drake fans, here at Umami Mart. I follow Champagne Papi on Instagram and watched this video over and over. It parodies the Dos Equis man and is quite non-sensical and hilarious. Drake is part-owner of the new bourbon brand Virginia Black, and the dude in the chair is his papa. Totally into it.

Thinking about publishing a cook book? You may want to reconsider after reading this in-depth article on Grub Street, debunking any romance about the big advance check and celebrity. (via Anders Arhoj)

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