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Hinamatsuri at Umami Mart has become one of our favorite events of the year – it is a joyous opportunity to come together with our friends and community to celebrate Girl's Day! It's so meaningful to see young women come year after year – all a bit older, sassier, and more independent. Girls and boys of all ages come to gaze at the ohinasama dolls (made by Yoko's mom!), but the real reason why they stay are for the amazake and snacks!! This year's event, on March 3rd (the actual day of Hinamatsuri in Japan), brought some familiar faces, and we made some new friends too!

Thank you everyone for coming out to celebrate with us! It was bittersweet as we packed up the dolls and boxed them up, to be put away until next spring. See you again in 2019!

Column: Event Recap

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  • These ohinasama dolls look perfect, expertly made and exquisite, I’m envious of the children and parents who could see them in person!

    Eleanor on

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