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Thank you, Daruma

Photos by Josh Urich, The Joy of Drinking

We did it! We signed a lease! After six months of free rent with Popuphood to see if we could "make it" in Old Oakland, we have proven to the world, and to ourselves, that the world is in need of a shop dedicated to Japanese bar and kitchenware.

Yoko and I hosted a party to celebrate our achievement and invited all our friends, old and new. So many people showed up! It really made me giddy to see so many familiar faces. In just six months, we somehow created a community around Umami Mart, in real life! We'd been online for so many years and it has been such a thrilling, eye-opening experience to get people together in our shop for events and just talk with customers about where to go to EAT! As I walked around the party bumping into our "regulars", I was overjoyed that people in the Bay Area have responded positively to Yoko and my vision for a space centered around Japanese food and drink culture. How totally RAD!

Party overhead
A house full of friends, loyal Umami Mart readers and customers

Lease-signing party 2
Jonathan Yaffe, a friend of Yoko's from Tokyo

Champaign pour
Cory of Selection Massale pouring bubbly. Flutes provided by Camino restaurant. Thank you!

Chatting with Daruma
James and Yoko

A toast for Umami Mart and our community! Here's to the next two years in Oakland!




The main event was the eyeball filling for our daruma. Tomo, Yoko's cousin, had gifted us a daruma when we first opened in August. As tradition goes, we filled in one eye while making our wish. Our wish was to sign a lease! So this was a majestic moment to fill in the other eyeball.

Daruma doll

James and Devin, who were instrumental in helping us realize and build out our shop space.

Cheers 2
Kristyn Leach of Namu Farm. We'll visit her farm soon!

Making friends
Kishi, who keeps our blog and online shop running in tip-top shape

Kayoko, Yoko, and Mailman
Mike, our mailman. He's always taking care of us and making sure our online orders go out daily. We seriously would be lost without him.

Yoko and Kayoko examine a gift
A beautiful cactus arrangement given to us as gift by Mike of Oaktown Blooms. It's still alive!

Kayoko interview with Oakland Radio 2
I had a quick interview with Theresa Adams of Oakland North. She has been a supportive of us from the beginning, it was great to see her at the party. Read the full article here.

Yoko chatting, wide shot
Betsy of East Bay Urban Bees. Our Hive Tour Umamiventure last October was a great success, and we look forward to doing another one soon!

A few days before the party, Cory emailed me to say that he'd be "Sabering" a bottle of wine. WHAT IS THAT? I had to look it up. It's where you take a knife and seamlessly slice off the top part of a bottle of bubbly. Check it out!

photo (61)

photo (60)


To Umami Mart!

Yoko and me with two quintessential Umami Mart shop items: the Arhoj travel mug and the gold shaker.

Kayoko and Yoko pose
These were both products included in our debut collection of our online shop back in 2010, and continue to be very popular items.

Of course I am most grateful to Yoko for taking a risk and pursuing Umami Mart with me. If she hadn't said, "Hey, why don't we open a storefront?" a year ago, who know what we'd be doing today. A world without Umami Mart in Oakland? How boring! Cheers, Partner!

Thanks always to all of our readers, writers and customers who make Umami Mart such a thriving community. Online and off! We appreciate you!

*Special thanks to Josh of The Joy of Drinking for coming and taking all the photos!
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  • Can’t wait to celebrate the one year anniversary with you guys! “Never stop dreaming!”

    Johnny on

  • Congratulations!! You ladies are so amazing. xoxo

    erin on

  • Omedetou, ladies! What an awesome achievement. Kampai to you!

    Kiwa on

  • @Erin, thanks so much for being a part of Umami Mart from the very beginning!

    @Johnny, the one year anniversary is gonna be the party of the year!!!

    Kayoko on

  • I have to bring you guys the 2nd one! Woohoo Congrats ladies!

    tomo on

  • These photos are great and it really makes me so happy to be a part of this community. @Kayoko — To MANY more years!!!! We need to get more daruma.

    yoko on

  • So inspired by you ladies! Wish I could have been there for the event. Loved getting to see pics of all the people who have helped you along the way! xo

    saaara on

  • so this will be one of the first places i visit the next time i’m in SF!

    furochan on

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