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Harumi Kurihara is kind of like the Martha Stewart of Japan. A popular food personality, she's published 128 cookbooks, selling more than 26 million copies! She even has her own home goods brand and restaurant in Tokyo. But over the years, she's still most famous her recipes – simple, yet elegant Japanese home-style cooking that's perfect for meals with family and friends.

Everyday Harumi features 60 Japanese recipes, ranging from snacks and starters to party dishes and family feasts. Home-style Japanese cuisine is low-fat, low-dairy, and well balanced with plenty of vegetables, so Harumi's recipes are a good choice if you're looking for healthy and hearty recipes to include in your repertoire. The book is also a wonderful introduction to the typical flavors and textures of Japanese cuisine. Using ingredients readily available to the American home chef and presented with easy-to-follow instructions and stunning photos of each finished dish, this is an approachable guide to Japanese cooking for both beginners and experienced chefs alike.