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*I met Payman at a dinner party at Erin's in Brooklyn. He was making caprese cocktails, his own invention. A tomato and cheese cocktail, how wondrous! This was right at the beginning of the cocktail boom, and I was intrigued. He agreed to write for Umami Mart, and has helped to foster a community of imbibers amongst Umami Mart readers. Cheers! -k


As far as my own post, I really find memorable the one I did for my first trip to Tales of the Cocktail in 2010. Well it was a series of posts actually, but looking back on it, it really captured an interesting period in my life. I was truly in a transition period, and it was a really exciting time for me.


Tales has now grown into an overgrown shitshow of sorts, but those posts recounted a time when it hadn't quite blown up into the monster that it is now. I met so many interesting people doing very interesting and innovative things, and became acquainted with a city that has now become my primary reason for returning to future Tales of the Cocktails. Read the series of posts here.

*Flashback Fave is a series where eight writers look back on the most memorable posts of Umami Mart. Come back each day for the greatest flashbacks!
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