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Hi Umamimarters! My name is Chiara and it's a pleasure and honor to be contributing to this here blog.

Two months ago I purchased a townhouse in Los Angeles and to make up for this seemingly adult transaction, I've been drinking like I'm 23 again. Thus, the contents of my fridge completely reflect this delicate yin-yang balance.

Fortunate for me, included in the whole house-buying deal was this above behemoth of stainless steel.

She's pretty and she makes crushed ice. Fancy!

crush it

Let's start with the freezer, shall we?

Not a whole lot going on in here... some Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan, a few Tina's burritos (serious guilty pleasure), and some Morning Star "chicken" patties.

freezer basket

This shelf has the makings for a half loaf of banana bread with chocolate and walnuts, a late night at work (fishy nuggets) and my next outing at the Hollywood Bowl (ice packs).


A bag of Muddy Waters' "Wake Up Your Soul" coffee has been greeting me for a while now every time I open the freezer. Unfortunately, Mr. Waters has yet to meet Mr. French Press.


On to the fridge:


There's a bunch of stuff in here that's not worth pointing out (most of it), so let's just start with the best.


Is it legal to marry a bottle of hot sauce? I'm thinking in Arizona it's probably not, but TapatĂ­o dude's pretty sexy right?

These two tubes of goodness have seen their fair share of bagna cĂ uda and lemony red lentil soup.


Yup, that's a Bud Light tall boy. Go ahead and judge.


There are two loaves of bread and 2 cartons of eggs because I have a friend staying with me at the moment (to each his own), and two full tubs of Parmesan cheese because I sometimes forget to make shopping lists.


I fell in love with black-eyed peas a few years ago and try to eat them as much as possible. Imma be needing more recipes! (See what I did there?  Yeah, I cringed too). But I do have my eye on this Hoppin' John Risotto recipe, which is totally not cringy.


Showtime BBQ Sauce from #32. Magic and I went head to head on some veggie chicken nuggets not too long ago. I'm pretty sure I won.


Speaking of skills: Srirachi Hot Sauce aka The Rooster. This guy is such a team player, he's really versatile. Not to brag but I mix up some bombass gyoza dipping sauce with his help. Straight dunkin' them fools. Sorry, I'll stop.


I might be obsessed with sour cream (please refer back to the Tina's burritos in the freezer).


More hot sauce: San Pedro Fish Market Hot Sauce and a bottle of Costa Rican Chilero. The San Pedro is mild and has a very processed, peppery taste. The Chilero is also mild, but has a little smokey kick. Please be advised there will be more from me in the future on the absolute amazingness that is the San Pedro Fish Market.


Oh, hey there dairy drawer! Here we have some Yves meatless ground which is destined for some chili or stuffed peppers and more Parmesan cheese because well, why not?


By the way, I'm making myself out to be some non-meat eater, but let me just set the record straight and announce myself as a total omnivore. Phew, I feel better now.

Got to give a shout out to my nonpareil capers! You salty dogs.


Lastly, you know what crushed ice is good for? Whisky.


*Chiara lives in LA with her cat Pinky, who does tricks for food. Similarly, Chiara will also do tricks for food and thinks about eating a lot.
Column: Fridgin Out


  • I am coming to LA in June, so let’s have an Umamiventure at the San Pedro Market!

    Welcome, Chiara! Yes, you may marry Sir Tapatio. Let’s make it happen in Evil Arizona.xxxx

    kayoko on

  • AHAHAHHAHAA I LOL-ed like 5 times during reading this post. Look forward to reading more of your posts Chiara :)

    tomo on

  • HAHAHA! Oh yeah!

    yoko on

  • Also FYI, not to brag but my first bf was in the Tapatio family :)

    tomo on

  • Well stocked with an array of hot sauces. You’re my kind of girl.

    yoko on

  • Tomo: You need to HOOK IT UP with this Tapatio heir. That’s a sloppy second I could be ok with.

    kayoko on

  • Question for Chiara: What does the “light” setting do to your ice?

    yoko on

  • More than one kind of chilli sauce! My kind of fridge!

    Sakura on

  • OMG! And Kayoko, YES! San Pedro for sure when you’re here in LA. Tell me when!

    chiara on

  • tomo: I’m totally jeals of this past beau!

    yoko: hah! I never really noticed the light button. I’ll have to test it out, but I’m thinking it might illuminate the ice/water doodads.

    chiara on

  • Alright LA-ers, let’s do this! Sat. 6/12, save the date please! Details to come. Yay!

    kayoko on

  • FYI I’m tagging along to San Pedro!

    tomo on

  • extreme LOL. i was trying to figure out if you were vegetarian all through the post. my favorite line “I mix up some bombass gyoza dipping sauce with his help. Straight dunkin’ them fools.” LOL!!

    teo on

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