Umami Mart Registry

Louis Anderman, founder of Miracle Mile Bitters, used to make Celery Bitters in very limited quantities only. We love his rendition of these bitters, savory and earthy, and have been begging him for years to make this a part of his regular line-up. And it's finally here!

Made with celery from the Hollywood Farmer's Market, Louis is particular about the celery as the leaves must still be on them, he says. 

Louis' favorite cocktail with the Celery Bitters is a Fourth Regiment: 1.5 oz each Rye and Sweet Vermouth, 1 dash each of his own Celery, Forbidden, and Orange Bitters, stir, up with lemon twist.

I wanted to make a cocktail that we could enjoy at our own bar, with shochu, so I came up with our Grandpa Richard highball. Why Grandpa Richard? Cause this reminded us of an old man drink, upon first sip. And doesn't everyone know a Grandpa Richard? Make him one of these today!

3oz Awa No Kaori Sudachi Shochu
10 dashes Celery Bitters


1. Add shochu to highball glass. 

2. Add ice to brim. 

3. Top with soda then add the 10 dashes of bitters. 

4. Garnish with lemon peel.

Once you try it, you'll see why we named it the Grandpa Richard. It's refreshing and savory. The sudachi shochu reminds me of gin, very citrus-forward and botanical – a great pairing with the celery. Enjoy!