Father's Day is June 16

Make yourself the ultimate autumn-flavored drink with Pumpkin Bitters. This seasonal infusion is made by Workhorse Rye, a San Francisco-based distiller. Using five different types of organic heirloom pumpkins from La Tercera Farms, Workhorse Rye roasts and macerates them with a melange of spices and flavorings, including sage, chamomile, rosemary, rooibos, green cardamom, cinnamon, cacao, and vanilla. Together, these flavors are all infused in their aged whiskey for a deep, spicy, and savory tincture.

Pumpkin Spice Latte fans: Just imagine the spiked PSL you could make with these bitters! Pumpkin Bitters are also great in Old Fashioneds and most any drink made with aged spirits.

As this is a seasonal item, we have just a few Workhorse Rye Pumpkin Bitters in stock. Get your hands on a bottle or wait 'til next year, when the Great Pumpkin Bitters rises again!