Umami Mart Registry


People love the wall installation of hamaya (arrow) in our Oakland shop. Drawn in by the striking stark white (and single red) wood arrows arranged in neat rows, many take photos of the wall and some ask, "What are these for?"

If you've ever wondered that question yourself, hamaya are symbols of good luck in Japan. Much like the Turkish blue eyeball-shaped nazar, hamaya drive away bad juju and spirits that may bring you harm. Traditionally, they're given to newborn babies in Japan, but they'd also be great housewarming or wedding gifts. Or if you know a recent graduate, hamaya would be a perfect symbol of goodwill for a friend starting on a fresh path.


Of course, you can also just appreciate the hamaya as a design object. Handmade in Tokyo out of wood, feathers, gold, and brass paper, they look cool in any home. Whether you hang one or several of these arrows, you'll be sure to create an eye-catching wall installation that'll make a bold statement.