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 Soba Ichi for DinnerSoba Ichi recently changed their hours to expand into nightfall, essentially turning the noodle shop into an izakaya. We're so excited – an izakaya in Oakland! Last June, Soba Ichi opened as the Bay Area's first housemade soba restaurant, even milling the buckwheat in-house. But owners Shinichi Washino, Koichi Ishii, Christian Geideman, and Paul Discoe (of the Ippuku family) always had bigger ambitions to serve more than just soba, and have finally started dinner service, including creative ippin ryori (side dishes), like you would find at an izakaya in Tokyo.

With this change, the interiors have also been updated, turning the communal tables into booths. The result is a cozy atmosphere, perfect for date nights and families. 

Owner Washino tends bar

In Japan, soba shops usually turn into rowdy izakayas at night, serving an array of appetizers and various sake, shochus, and high balls. Soba is usually served as the final course in the meal, if at all. Soba Ichi aims towards this model, with an ever-changing menu of dishes and drinks. Plus, with Den Sake Brewery as their neighbor, you'll be sure to find the freshest sake this side of the bridge.

Flip through all the photos for dinner service at Soba Ichi.

2311 Magnolia Street A
Oakland, CA 94607
T: (510) 465-1969

New Hours:
Wednesday - Thursday 5-9pm
Friday - Saturday 5-10pm
Sunday 5-9pm
Monday + Tuesday closed

*Photos by Yoko Kumano