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We've been waiting for years now to be able to say: JAPANESE WHISKIES + SHOCHUS ARE AVAILABLE AT UMAMI MART! 

It was a long process to get our license, and we persevered to bring you a range of whiskies and shochus from Japan. We're starting off with Nikka, Suntory, and Chichibu whiskies; and we're especially excited for our selection of shochus. We'll be the first shochu shop in America!

Shochu is Japan's distilled beverage – not to be confused with sake, which is brewed, or soju, from Korea. More popularly, it is made with imo (sweet potato), mugi (barley), or kome (rice) – but we'll be carrying shochus made with sugarcane, buckwheat or even green tea!

Peep our entire collection of shochus and Japanese whiskies online and in our Oakland shop! We'll be adding more to our shelves in the coming months so check back often.

Please note that we only ship alcohol within the state of California.

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  • Any chance you’ll carry もとかの?

    Theresa O'Connor on

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