Father's Day is June 16

Are ya'll sick of hearing about fundraisers for Japan yet? Well, get over it--Japan needs us right now and we absolutely must do what we can to support it. You don't hear me get all up on my soapbox very often, but for this, Umamimart must.

And it doesn't get easier than SIPPIN' ON A COCKTAIL for the cause. Camino, the badass restaurant in Oakland where I tend bar, has been doing its part to support the Japan earthquake relief efforts for the last few weeks. Every time you order the Japanese Cocktail, 100% of your precious Alexander Hamilton will go directly to help victims of the quake and tsunami.

What started out as a one-week drive was extended until the end of the month--so today, Thursday 3/31 is the last hurrah for this great drink, for a great cause at Camino. Here's a little history of the Japanese cocktail by Esquire's one and only David Wondrich. We added a little bit of citrus to ours for some punch. Cocktail purists, deal with it.

I'm working tonight, 5:30-10pm so come harass me and Jen behind the bar! Yes San Francisco people, that means you too! Our goal is to raise $5000--we did the math and we've gotta shake 125 of these tonight to get there. We can do it! One couple last night had six. I challenge you to outdrink them.


*Photos courtesy of Camino. You can see my hand in this one above.