Father's Day is June 16

Here at Umami Mart, we've always been fans of designs and subjects that are slightly edgy and grotesque. So when we saw these two 100% cotton tenugui (hand towels) we knew we had to get them.

The 100 Demon Night Parade tenugui is not for the faint of heart (pictured above). It shows scenes from the Japanese folklore tale Hyakki Yagyō, and it is creepy AF. Our Cats, Blowfish + Octopus tenugui is no less bizarre, with scenes of cats intertwined with octopus and sinister blowfish. The background fades in in out with gradients of moss green, sky blue, and ash grey.

These quick-drying towel is woven in Osaka and dyed, color-by-color, for an off-set look. Hang it on your wall for decoration or use in your kitchen and to dry dishes and hands.

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