Umami Mart Registry

*Yoko is in China for 10 days! And with no access to Facebook or Instagram, she is sending us photos the old school way — via postcards. We’ll be featuring these snapshots from Yoko in Chengdu and Shanghai all week here on the blog. Enjoy! – Kayoko

Another hot and humid day is an opportunity for another serving of cold noodles. In Chengdu, noodles are served in small portions, allowing you to enjoy them as a quick snack. This plate of liang mian was like a noodle salad. It was refreshing, with a sesame, Sichuan pepper, chili oil sauce. Noodles were firm and the bean sprouts were crunchy. The spice creeps up on you and by the time you've finished, you are experiencing the Sichuan pepper high.

The small portion made me think about how soon I'll be able to return for more. I will definitely miss Chengdu for this.