Umami Mart Registry

It's become Yoko and my tradition to stop into Tsukiji Sushiko, a popular chain that is littered all around Tokyo, serving superb sushi at a nominal pricepoint. We usually visit Japan in the winter so we are lucky to always get shirako, or better known here on the blog as fish jizz. That's right, these are sperm sacs of fish, usually cod.

We had this last night at Tsukiji Sushiko -- fresh, cold and fluffy, full of umami, drizzled with ponzu and garnished with the requisite scallions and spicy grated daikon. This paired well with this karakuchi (dry) sake, a tokubetsu junmai from Ichinokura brewery (from Miyagi prefecture), a sake that is quite dry and cutting. It was a pleasant accompaniment to the creaminess of the shirako.

Nothing like some fish jizz to get boost our stamina for the next week here and get the party going in Tokyo!

There are 20+ locations in Tokyo

3 Chome−14-1 1F
Minato, Akasaka
T: 03-3586-5500