Father's Day is June 16

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a cozy, relaxing holiday season with your loved ones and are ready to rock 2016. It's going to be a good one -- it's the year of the Monkey! Strap in.

We are kicking the year off right with JAPAN BEER FEST, our beloved yearly soiree presented with The Trappist, next door. SF Beer Week sprang up on us a bit earlier this year, and we'll be holding the event on Sunday January 24, from 12-4pm.

We've got a lot in store for all you beer heads for our third annual event. We'll have 20+ beers on tap and bottled and Ramen Shop will be serving up their famous fried rice. Man, we can not get enough of their chahan, I hope there will be plenty of pork, squid and spice!

Perhaps what I am most excited about are the kegs of Asahi beer that we are getting from Japan, freshly served from a self-foaming tap. In Japan, draft beer is called nama, and it comes with plenty of head. The Asahi tap will have a "creamer faucet", like this. Don't worry, there will be plenty of head to go around.

Besides this, the beer that we're definitely slated to tap are Baird, Coedo, Hitachino, and Shiga Kogen. Here's what will be available at The Trappist:
Shiga Kogen Africa Pale Ale
Shiga Kogen Draft Pale Ale Harvest Brew
Shiga Kogen Grand Rouge
Shiga Kogen Harvest Saison
Shiga Kogen House IPA
Shiga Kogen India Black Ale Harvest Brew
Shiga Kogen Indian Summer Saison
Shiga Kogen IPA Harvest Brew
Shiga Kogen Miyama Blonde
Shiga Kogen No. 10
Shiga Kogen Pale Ale Harvest Brew
Shiga Kogen Takeshi Imperial Stout
Baird Angry Boy
Baird Big Red Machine Fall Classic
Baird Dark Sky
Baird Teikoku IPA
Baird Yabai Yabai
Hitachino Nest Dai Dai
Hitachino Nest Anbai Plum
Hitachino Nest Saison du Japon
Coedo Ruri Pils
Coedo Kyara
Coedo Black Lager
Asahi Super Dry from Japan

Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout
Hitachino Nest XH Shochu Aged
Yoho Tokyo Black
Yoho Yona Yona Pale Ale
Yoho Aooni IPA
YohoWednesday Cat White beer
Ozeno Yukidoke IPA
Sansho Ale
Golden Kolsch
Baird Wabi Sabi
And of course we'll have a Bottle System stocked full of beers and sakes from Japan, for your imbibing pleasures at home.

Featuring 30+ microbrews from Japan, including a special Asahi self-foaming jockey box from Japan
Fried rice by Ramen Shop

WHEN: Sunday 1/24, 12-4pm

WHERE: The Trappist
460 8th Street
Old Oakland, CA
BART: 12th Street/ Oakland City Center
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See you on the 24th!