Father's Day is June 16

Japanese snacks are wacky. From matcha-flavored Kit Kats, to dried squid covered in chocolate, to using beans for desserts, the country is filled with surprises in the sweet tooth department.

I've seen a DIY sushi-making video, and it was very intriguing. I think the idea is very educational, scientific, and simply fun. Apparently though, the sushi-making kit is very limited edition. Every time someone I know goes to Japan, I ask them to see if they can score one of them for me--no one ever has.

The other day, my friend sent me a pair of fish-boning tweezers (it's so hard to find good quality ones here) along with this fun DIY gummy kit. Literal translation is "Drawing Gummy Land".


Inside the package, there is gummy base, coloring powder, and shapes (giraffe, fish, heart and star), plus a fork.


First, pour gummy base.


Then pour the colored powder and mix with water.


Mixing various colors to create different colors. Since the base colors are blue, pink and yellow,  had a limited option to create new colors. I screwed up and made same colors (as you can see on 8 smaller spots on lower left)


Now it's time to make gummies. Place a mold onto gummy base, and drop colored water onto it.


It dries up pretty quickly, and the gummy is done.




Rainbow fish made by Christy. What I learned here was, there's an order for rainbow colors.


What a shameful Yamahomo not to know this. ROYGBIV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. We learn something new every day.



After a while, I lost interest. The taste was horrible, and it gave me an immediate headache.


Last drawing, free hand giraffe landscape.


It was fun for a while to "create" something. But thinking about what's in this powder, and the artificial colorings, makes me kind of sick. When you want gummy bears, get gummy bears, don't bother creating it on your own.
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  • Thanks Fredric for scientific feedback. Now I really feel sick for eating these shit, probably made completely out of unnatural ingredients.

    Yamahomo on

  • If you want gummy bears that you can control the ingredients, they are not too difficult to make using gelatin and bear-shaped (or other) molds. Vegan recipes using agar-agar exist as well. That way you can control what you put in and use fruit juices or other instead of artificial colors and flavors.

    Not sure what this kit uses since both gelatin and agar-agar require heat to get the long polymers in solution (so they can bind together when they cool later).

    Frederic on

  • Cool post, there are ways to make gummi candies without chemicals. You can make molds for the gummis by pressing and object into a tray of powder sugar, then fill the depression with gummi liquid. Here is a post with the recipe for gummis and a way to make Lego gummi bricks.


    Luna on

  • The star gummy is so sad and pathetic. This was a very funny post.

    yoko on

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