Father's Day is June 16

On a hot day in summer, when you don't feel like cooking or baking, yet feel the need to create something yummy isn't an easy task. That's when I rely on agar agar to make cold dessert. I've made mizu yokan before using the same method, still it requires blending the mixture to make it smooth, and it's too hot to even operate a machine. So I decided to make it even easier.

2 cans of mandarin oranges
1 packet (or 2 tsp) of powder agar (you can buy this at the Japanese grocery store)
2 tbsp sugar

I am still offended by the name of this brand by the way...

1. Drain oranges (don't discard the liquid).

2. Put the juice into a measuring cup, and add whatever amount of water to the juice to make it 600ml.

3. Add agar, sugar, and boil together. Once everything is dissolved, take it off of heat, and cool a bit.


4. Meanwhile, arrange whatever the container you are using with oranges (I like mine to be filled with mandarin oranges, so my proportion is more like three parts of oranges to one part of the jello liquid).

5. Once the liquid cools, pour them onto oranges.

6. Chill until firm, and it's done.



These proportions makes a VERY loose jello. Unlike gelatin, agar makes is a lot more liquidy in consistency, which I prefer.

If you want to unmold for better presentation, you should use 500ml of liquid instead of 600ml. This is so refreshing and so easy to make.
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  • Remember my raw fruit allergy? I can’t do that, but I am sure it will be tasty. You have to add more sugar if you are using fresh fruit. Also there are certain fruit (pineapple, i think) that won’t solidify because of high acidity.

    Yamahomo on

  • How do you feel about using fresh fruits, like white nectarines?

    Kayoko on

  • The brand name cracks me up. What’s with the obsession with geishas?? But I love canned mandarins.

    sakura on

  • Wait, are those shiso leaves?

    Would probably need to let fresh fruit sit in simple syrup for a few days before putting it in the jello.

    Great post, Yama.

    Kayoko on

  • But does it glow in the dark?

    Christy on

  • This is amazing because not only is it super simple, but it’s vegan-friendly since gelatin is not. Thanks!! Going to try. Have had this box of agar agar forever. I once read a recipe where the chef made berry ‘caviar’ by mixing like berry juice with agar agar and then dropped droplets from a small turkey baster into water to make balls … or ‘caviar’.

    Jerkey on

  • Oh, I sprinkled mint leaves on top.

    Yamahomo on

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