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Sorry for disappearing for so long since my last post-- had a couple of weeks full of extreme work situations. Having said that, I still bake every weekend, but just haven't have time to post any of it.

Since I found the delightful MOffin recipe, I've been obsessed with rice flour. The texture, as well as the easiness, gave me ideas about a lot of different varieties. The basic recipe is the same: three eggs, 100ml oil, 1tbsp baking powder, 1 cup sugar, 500ml milk, 1 box of rice flour. You can add green tea powder, or cocoa to add flavor and color.

Here are a couple of new ingredients I've been trying out.

This time, I used blueberry.




This time I cubed Japanese sweet potato and cooked them with water and sugar, then added into batter.



I also used strawberry and red beans in the green tea batter.



Seriously, the ideas are unlimited. So far my favorite is blueberry.  I am trying out other recipes, replacing regular flour with rice flour, and seeing if I can bake everything with rice flour. Let's see how it goes.
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  • Yoko, trust me, this is the fool proof recipe. It will rise very well, and you have to try out. Trust me!

    yamahomo on

  • OMG, I wish you could come to my house and make these sometime. I can’t bake at all. I am drooling right now. I LOVE blueberries. I can’t wait for berry season to be in full swing.

    yoko on

  • The mOffin batches I’ve made have had the mOffin get stuck to the cupcake paper – not just a little, but literally like half the mOffin is stuck on the paper. How do you get yours to peel off easily??

    seri on

  • Ok, I will have to take up this challenge sometime.

    yoko on

  • Thanks for the tip! My coworker recommended the baking spray with flour in it and it worked great! No sticking at all! :)

    seri on

  • Seri, it does stick quite a lot. You can suck on the paper, or if you rest it for a day or so, it’s easy to peel off the paper. You can spray non stick spray before you pour batter in, that definitely eases the peeling.

    Yamahomo on

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