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Sorry for my long absence. I've been quite busy, as we were preparing to move into a new apartment, so cooking time for me was pretty limited for a while. Now I am finally settled (well, after a day), and I am ready to start cooking.

Our kitchen in Chelsea was nice, but it was totally for trendiness, and there was no practicality in it at all (though I made maximum use of the kitchen). Seriously, trendy apartments with white marble kitchen counter tops are pretty to look at, but it was such a bitch.

My old kitchen

This is very similar to good looking boys/girls. They may look nice outside, but it takes a lot of time and money to maintain their beauty...

So we were in search of a new apartment, definitely with some good kitchen space. We decided on the first place we looked at, based 95% on the quality of the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the new apartment, the grown-up-ness of the space, the neighborhood, and the terrace with a view of the Freedom Tower (as I am writing this post, I am looking up at the tower. Seriously the building is ridiculously so dude-ego galore. It has, "My dick is bigger than yours," written all over it with the look, height, size, and everything).

Anyhow, let me introduce my new kitchen.

It's galley-style, with a huge open counter, and a huge window!


The window comes very handy when we eat on the terrace. And the shelf space, as you can see on both sides are unbelievable.  Of course they are completely filled, which I am so happy.  In my old apartment, some of the dishes were stored above the laundry machines, inside the media cabinet, underneath the bed, in storage, literally EVERYWHERE. Now everything, well, except for a few items that couldn't fit, is in the kitchen.

Note, the ceiling is extremely tall (about 14 feet), so I need step ladder.


The stove! Unlike old apartment's German made, very sexy Euro-style burner (remember this post?), this one is for serious cooks like me.


The BTU is so much higher than the old one, and now I can actually brown meat!

The oven!


I still haven't figured it out completely, but it's fancy yet I believe this performs very nicely. Unfortunately, this doesn't come with rotary pit, so no more peking duck.

Ah, the fridge. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this. Double door fridge with ice and water dispenser!!


Seriously, we are not in the burbs, we are in the isle of Manhattan, with a double-door fridge. I had to move here.

FYI, these appliances are all Electrolux Icon line.

Lastly, but not least, an outdoor grill!  Hallelujah! I've dreamed about having a grill, and the day after we moved in, we went to Home Depot, and got a small Weber gas grill.


Some people say charcoal is the best, but in NYC apartment building, it will be such a bitch to clean, plus this gas grill takes small can of propane, so it's easy.  It's surprisingly strong, and I have been grilling this and that every other day.

I am back at full force to catch up with all the cooking I've missed.
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  • Congrats on the space! This kitchen is really cool. We downsized from our old kitchen and we are really missing the counter space. What is the difference between your stove top and a normal one?

    Bryan on

  • Can’t wait to come visit you in August! Let’s cook something fun.

    Kayoko on

  • Moto, this pad just cray. Congrats on your new play space!! Loving all that tabletop room for all this food that’s gonna pass through over the coming years. Imagine having a fridge like that in Tokyo, phew.

    Are you throwing the most fabulous, skanky moving in partay for all the happening gays on Isla del Manhattanos? I want a full report.

    Anders on

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