Father's Day is June 16

Yoko and I were so excited to be a part of "Succulents + Sake" at Sunset magazine's HQ, right here in Jack London Square in Oakland. The event was a celebration of the publication of Robin Stockwell's new Sunset book, Succulents.




The evening comprised of two elements – a hands-on succulent designing tutorial by Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Designs, and a sake tasting and tutorial by Umami Mart. It was all such a blast.

Irene Edwards, the editor-in-chief of Sunset magazine is an Umami Mart Sake Gumi member. When we were working out the details of "Succulents + Sake," Irene liked the idea of featuring sakes from the club. We chose some of our favorite Sake Gumi selections – Naraman Origarami sparkling genshu, Kagatobi Super Dry yamahai, Ichinokura tokubetsu junmai, and the very special 2016 Kakeya junmai muroka nama genshu.



Before the guests arrived, all seats were set with a little kit for making party rocks and kokedama.


Kokedamas originated in Japan, and are essentially plants that are rooted in a ball of soil that is covered in moss. They are meant to perch on a windowsill or to hang from the ceiling. I never heard of this before, so I learned so much at the event!

As guests arrived, Irene poured them the welcome sake, the Naraman Origarami, a sparkling genshu that is slightly filtered and off dry. It is perfectly festive!


Everyone took a seat and Baylor began the first tutorial – how to make a party rock!



Baylor set up everyone with some twine, super glue, and a stone for guests to design their very own party rock.



Here's Fallon at work:


These party rocks were so creative and visually stunning! It was fun to see what everyone came up with.


Amidst all the rock designing, Yoko talked through each sake while I walked around to top off everyone's glasses. It was indeed a night of succulents and sake!


Next up were the kokedamas.


There were some stunning creations. Check out everyone's party rocks and kokedamas here!

The food for "Succulents + Sake" was prepared by our friend Sylvan Mishima Brackett of Izakaya Rintaro in San Francisco.



Yoko and Sake Gumi member Christine Ciarmello:


What a wonderful event! It got my creative juices flowing, and I hope to make my own hanging kokedama garden someday. We met such lovely people and were happy to spread the joy of sake, paired with succulents.