Father's Day is June 16

Zac was born at the end of last year, so for the last eight months CH and I have been super busy being (can I say awesome?) parents. We do our best and as a result he seems to really like us, the rest of the family, and pretty much anyone or thing we pass on the street. You can usually find him listening to the Revolver album, observing the marmosets from the window, strolling in the park or along Rio's Lagoon, standing up next to the sofa, sleeping, pooping, crawling, or putting random things in his mouth.

Being a baby, he breast fed for the first six months. And being the Boob Man that he was, he ate and ate and grew into this super strong and long ball of smiley awesomeness. Now he gets to finally eat real food, and he loves it. See for yourself!

One of the kicks of living in Rio de Janeiro is the abundance of fruit. The tropical fruit varieties simply whoop the North American versions. We cook with fruit and veggies everyday and most importantly Zac grows big and healthy simply by eating them.


Lately he has been really into: mango, banana, papaya, pears, apples, persimmon, pumpkin, potato, kale, beef broth, or fish (boneless of course) mixed into his dinners. He also likes laranja lima, a variety of orange here, for juice; Brazilian avocado which is much larger and sweeter (and pairs nicely with banana), and chayote or chuchu in Portuguese, a vegetable that looks like zucchini and a green brain had a baby. Because of its lightness chuchus works really well in veggie combos.


I've got teeth!

He is really a lot of fun and I'm so glad I get to hang out with him from now on.