Sake + Shochu Gumi

Skankynavia: A Portuguese Quickie

I seriously did not know anything about Portugal and its inhabitants until I set my boot on its shores in May 2013. Well, apart from the story about Columbus and his New World discovery, but it appears there’s debate whether he was...

The PDT Project

The PDT Project: Apple Daiquiri

When it comes to knockoffs and variations, perhaps no cocktail has been the subject of more unflattering imitations than the classic Daiquiri. As with most cocktail crimes, the origins of these transgressions trace back to Prohibition, when an...

Happy Hour

Happy Hour: The Old Fashioned

Before we had bars, we had places called taverns and saloons. And before we had Manhattans, Martinis, and other fancified cocktails, there was a drink which people simply referred to as a 'whiskey cocktail.' It was the early 19th century, and the term 'cocktail' referenced...