Father's Day is June 16

Introducing the 2 Ounce Jigger

We worked with Yukiwa for over a year to bring you these jiggers with the most coveted measurements – one side is 1 oz with a hairline at 0.75 oz and 0.5 oz and on the other is a  2 oz cup with a hairline at 1.5 oz....

Introducing Bar and Glassware by Umami Mart

When we first launched Umami Mart in 2007, we were a wee food and drink blog. I informed NYers about secret ramen spots, Yoko mused about weird foods in Japan, Anders updated us about the latest on controversial food packaging, Erin uploaded

Inside Yukiwa Barware Factory

Our main objective for our trip to Japan (besides noodles and ekiben) was to visit the many factories where they make the bar and glassware we select for Umami Mart. We wanted to go straight to the source, and meet the people behind the products....