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Like that t-shirt you owned in junior high school stated, "Why Be Normal?" Forgo the standard and try a new angle – a triangle! Our Yukiwa Long Handled Triangle Hawthorne Strainer is for bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts who are looking for a tool that's unique in design, yet reliably well-made and durable.

Outfitted with a spring coil that fits like a glove on all our mixing glasses, the Long Handled Triangle Hawthorne Strainer's rim has three small holes and a forked opening on one end to keep ice and other ingredients at bay while you pour. And its long handle makes this strainer comfortable to hold and easy to use.
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  • I often wonder, do you think barware is personal to a bartender or mixologist (or whatever they want to be called nowadays)?

    Do they like getting items like these, or are most incline to find something themselves that suits them.

    samayou kodomo on

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