Father's Day is June 16

- No, that curry hasn't gone bad; it's supposed to be green. Itokyuemon, a Kyoto tea seller, makes matcha green tea curry, ready-made and packaged in vacuum-sealed pouches. The curry roux is produced with Uji matcha, a prized, ceremonial-grade variety of green tea powder. Apparently, although it smells like normal Japanese curry, it has that signature matcha bitterness. (Rocket News)

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- I love vintage fast food decor, and it turns out I'm not alone. Photographer Phil Donohue documents Taco Bell locations in California that have somehow retained their '80s and '90s decor. Maybe they should just keep it going, since Memphis Group is so in right now. (Dangerous Minds)

- Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge or in the pantry? British supermarket chain, ASDA asked its consumers this question and started a heated debate amongst the two sides. The BBC chimed in with this fact: "Their acidity levels, coupled with salt and sugar content, means they were — and still are — microbiologically safe to keep at room temperature," while The Daily Mail spoke to a microbiologist who says, "While ketchup could keep safely in the cupboard for a couple of weeks, it's best kept in the fridge and eaten within the stated eight-week period." So, yeah, that clears it all up... (NPR)

-  If you've been trying to get in touch with your congressperson lately, you may empathize with this story. Utah resident Julia Silge had tried to reach Senator, Orrin G. Hatch to voice her opinion against then Education Secretary-nominee, Betsy DeVos before the final Senate confirmation hearing. After weeks of failed calls and a constantly full voicemail box, Silge got creative. The concerned citizen contacted GrubHub and ordered a 12-inch ham-and-pineapple pizza for delivery to Senator Hatch's office with the following message: "From a Salt Lake constituent in 84105: Please vote NO on Betsy DeVos. She is an inappropriate choice to lead our public schools." Although a delivery attempt was made, sadly, the pizza was flagged as a security risk and Hatch never got the za or the message. No surprise, Senator Hatch ultimately voted for DeVos. (Washington Post)

- Here's some not-so-funny news related to the new administration. Central California farmers, who largely voted for Trump, may now be regretting their decision. They liked Trump's message of reducing regulations and taxes so much that they ignored his call for deporting illegal immigrants. But many of these farmers, who depend on undocumented farm workers to run their operations, are now realizing the immigration policies could transform their business very negatively... and quickly. (New York Times)

- While we're on the topic of Cheetos, did you hear about the auction for a Hot Cheeto that looks like Harambe? The auction ended on Tuesday, with the winning bid at $99,900. Whether or not the winner will actually pay up is another matter. And of course, following its success, other Cheetos that don't look anything like Harambe, or any gorilla, went up for auction. (Daily Dot)

- Some crafty Spanish researchers have discovered a shortcut to aging liquor. Chemists flowed distilled wine through American oak chips and then exposed the mixture to ultrasound waves for three days. The resulting spirits were then tasted by a panel of experts, who thought the ultrasound-aged brandy tasted "surprisingly well, with good fruity and sweet flavors and a high aromatic intensity." Since the spirit was not aged in oak casks, it can't be called brandy in Europe, but the new technique could possibly "be used to help distillers accelerate their development process." (PBS)


- File this video above under Stuff Cat Owners Understand.

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