Umami Mart Registry

I realized yesterday that Umami Mart will turn seven years old this month. WOOOOO! That's seven years of banter, restaurant reviews, recipes and... more banter! The fun never stops on Umami Mart, and although we're all seven years older (and a bit more, ehem, wiser), I'd like to think that we've retained our sometimes grotesque, often subversive humor. Viva la Umami Mart revolución!

For this first #TBT, I am highlighting our very first Umamiventure to Queens, New York. Troy, Irwin and I boarded the Chinatown shuttle from Manhattan and made our way to the outer borough for some delicious, much-buzzed-about dim sum at Ocean Jewel restaurant. It was a historic trip, our very first Umamiventure. To date, we have had 34 Umamiventures in total!

I started these "Umamiventures" in hopes to meet our blog readers, and share the experience of traveling far and wide for affordable, auspicious eats (Sunset Park for banh mi! BBQ in Harlem! A Lower East Side food crawl!). This encompasses the spirit of Umami Mart: adventure, exploration and curiosity. There's no mountain high enough (or sea wide enough) to stop us from finding the best lobster roll!

We're organizing two Umamiventures for this summer so stay tuned! In the meantime, read about our very first Umamiventure to Flushing, here.