Father's Day is June 16

Shopping for the freshest seafood just got easier with another fish market that opened in the People's Republic of Berkeley. Fish is still my favorite thing to eat for dinner because it's easy and so, so delicious. Grilled, simmered or baked, fish will let you do anything to it and it'll adapt. But, by far, my favorite way to eat fish is RAW!!!

I was rewarded heavily yesterday for visiting the newest fish market in Berkeley, Bonita Fish Market. The owners are fisherman, so they can tell you a lot about the catches. The store looked somewhat sparse (it's a pretty big space), since they are only a few weeks old. I can't wait until they populate the entire space.

Bonita Fish Market, Berkeley

The only sashimi grade fish they had available at Bonita this day was salmon. I chose the smallest chunk with the most marbling in it. I regretted getting such a small piece but felt good about snagging the one with the most marbling!

When choosing the best fish for sashimi, ask the fish monger for recommendations for what would be best from the day's catch. Not all fish is best for raw consumption so make sure to ask specifically for "sashimi grade" fish. After asking these questions, look for the piece with the most marbling of fat, especially in tuna or salmon. Use your eyes and nose when choosing fish. Make sure the meat looks tight without a film of goo, and any eyes are clear (not bloody). Smell the fish itself, it should not smell "fishy," as fresh fish should not smell. That's when you know you've scored!

There's a Trader Joe's next to Bonito so I decided to get some avocados and make a salmon-avocado rice bowl.


2 servings

2 cups cooked rice
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp kosher salt

1/2 lb salmon sliced
1 avocado
2 stalks of green onion
Kizaminori (for garnish, optional)
Soy sauce


1. To slice salmon, follow the directions here.


2. Slice the avocado length-wise.

3. Slice the green onions into thin rounds.

4. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt into a bowl and let dissolve.

5. On hot, steaming rice, sprinkle the vinegar solution and mix well with a shamoji (rice paddle).


6. Add rice to donburi rice bowls.

7. Top with avocado by laying on one half of the rice.

8. Cover the over half with the salmon.

9. Garnish with green onions.

10. In a small soy sauce dish, add soy sauce and wasabi. You can choose to pour this onto the top of the salmon and avocado.


This dinner is so easy and satisfyingly delicious as with many other sashimi donburi dishes. The hardest part about this dish is finding the best, fresh fish. I urge to you to go find some in your neighborhood!

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