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Unfortunately (fortunately maybe), I don't have the pictures to prove it - but I ate three meals just to confirm that Disneyland and its affiliates (DisneySea in this case), regardless of which shore it's on, serves food so mediocre that it sides on bad.

I ate the following:

Lunch at the Mediterranean Harbor:
Potato Salmon Pizza - definitely previously frozen
Prosciutto salad - iceberg lettuce, reminiscent of Denny's

Excellent view of the Tower of Terror and "Harbor" - I have to give it to Disney as far as really trying their best to make everything perfectly Disney to the bone. Disney knows itself better than I know myself.

Early Dinner at the American Waterfront:

Fried Fish burger with fries - really unoffensive, semi-enjoyable. At least you could have unlimited ketchup. Anyway, you'd have to try really hard to fuck up fried food.

Meal interrupted by two schizophrenic 5-minute sets involving Donald and Goofy fighting over a mermaid and then Donald giving a diving lesson quickly leading to Chip & Dale breaking out into song and dance (in Japanese, very surreal).

Late-ish Dinner at the Lost River Delta:
Fajita plate with beef, shrimp and chicken - precut meats anally placed on an "Aztec" patterned plastic plate - this was across the way from the Indiana Jones ride.
Tequila slammer - alcohol, yes, alcohol is served at DisneySea, I had two and proceeded to ride Stormrider and got mildly sick.

Impression: Japanese people really don't have a thing for Mexican food - this was the only place the whole day we didn't stand in line for (including restroom visits).

Pictured are some dessert thingys I didn't eat. It probably looks better than it tastes - given the above report:

Tower of Terror at the American Waterfront:

Mediterranean Harbor (if you look closely, someone is actually getting married on the deck - eeeeek! - I just wanted to eat ice-cream):



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