In Japan, a must-do destination was DisneySea. Yoko blogged about it a while back, and I was intrigued. You know it is the most expensive amusement part ever built? 4 BILLION DOLLARS!!! Friggin' in this recession, you just gotta go, right? It's like swimming in a sea of cash money, baby baybay! Uh!

Most exciting food was the "Gyoza Dog." More like a steamed bun with gyoza-like filling (note the phallic exterior). It was right out side the "Journey to the Center of the Universe" ride. The line for the Gyoza Dog was just as long as the line for the ride. You know Japan and the lines- it's a disease.

Gyoza Dog with the Journey ride in the background.

Totally awesome Tower of Terror.

Synthetic Venetian nightfall- the moon is real, however.

I have to admit that I totally loved DisneySea- it was small, but really compacted and a fun theme park for adults and kids. My favorite ride was the Little Mermaid roller coaster- what a LOSER!


  • Gyoza-dog looks disgusting.

    ayagwa on

  • right?! i was so glad to get back to the real world and its real food…
    lesson learned: don’t go for the food. and don’t go on a weekend.

    yoko on

  • in retrospect, it totally was.

    kayoko on

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