Father's Day is June 16

We're slowly growing our team. It's an exciting time for us here at Umami Mart! We're looking for someone bright and attentive to work with us at our Oakland headquarters. Please read the job description below and drop us a line if you're interested; or please forward to a friend! Cheers, Kayoko + Yoko

Umami Mart, an international food and drink blog, shop and Japanese barware importer, seeks a friendly and responsible Oakland Assistant to work approximately 16 hours a week.

Responsibilities include:
•    Watching the shop, helping customers, wrap gifts as requested, charging customers
•    Open and close the shop
•    Refer customers to the blog when applicable
•    Maintaining cleanliness throughout the shop, including keeping floors clean, dusting products, straightening shelves, re-stocking items, writing daily email logs.
•    Tallying cash drawer at the beginning and end of the day; match against POS.
•    Implement window display and tops shelves in the store itself.
•    Take note of low inventory stock and order products accordingly
•    Unpack deliveries and stock items
•    Count inventory on the first Monday of the month
•    Brainstorm ideas for sales and display accordingly
•    Assist special projects or come up with your own!

•    Friendly, cheerful, helpful, attentive service
•    Going with your instincts, taking charge of the shop and making decisions. Be fearless!
•    Enjoys gift wrapping
•    Access to laptop preferred
•    A keen interest in learning about running a small business; and has a passion for photography, writing, food and design.
•    A positive attitude and good sense of humor!
•    Please be on time!

Email us at shop@umamimart.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Me me me! I can’t straighten men, but shelves should be alright. I also enjoy gift wrapping.

    Anders on

  • @Anders, get your skanky ass over here.

    Kayoko on

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