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We love compiling our favorite products in the shop for the holidays, every year. If you've been to Umami Mart in Oakland, you'll recognize our fab crew and know that we're always brimming with suggestions – from sakes and whiskies, to finding the perfect gift. Happy Holidays from all of us!

Chris' Pick

"The OG Death & Co book used to be my favorite cocktail book. I'd recommend it to both beginners and experts alike. Then they came out with Cocktail Codex – a follow up book which is my new favorite cocktail book. The premise behind this book is that if you learn how to make six core cocktails and master them, then you can make anything. If I have any free time, I'll be reading this." - Chris aka Cabs

Grace's Pick

"This holiday, I upgraded my teaware to something I've been pining over for a very long time, a Studio Arhoj Matcha Bowl. The spotted glaze is full of character and its tall base molds comfortably in the palm of my hands.  It makes me feel as though I'm treating myself to something special every time I drink matcha out of this bowl." - Grace

Kayoko's Pick

"I love a Japanese whisky highball, which is about an ounce of Japanese whisky, with lots and lots of ice, club soda and a twist of lemon. It's really important to stir the whisky with ice before adding the soda. It's like a savory soda for adults, and sipping from these elegant Stripe Collins Glasses is a treat. I'm six months pregnant now, and the first thing I'm drinking after I deliver this baby will be a highball. Or how about during delivery?!?!" - Kayoko

Vivian's Pick

"Yakitori with Kanzuri-yum factor 🙌 Kanzuri chili paste punches with an umami-full tang that partners with a light drizzle of Double-Brewed Shoyu. Fermented flavors ftw! Enjoyed with Fruit Wood Hashi" - Vivian

Yoko's Pick

"I live and breathe sake as the director of Sake Gumi. Every month, I get to go deep into a sub-genre of sake to find the best bottles for the club. Whether it's spotlighting a region, a brewing style, or rice type, I always include food pairings and serving temperature suggestions in the tasting notes. Whenever someone asks me about what I do, I always tell them about Sake Gumi – it’s one of the most dynamic offerings at Umami Mart." - Yoko


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