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Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj Gallery Wall

When Kayoko and I were thinking about how to layout the interiors for our new space, we were sure of one thing. We wanted a Gallery Wall. Similar to what we had at our old location down the street – but bigger, and better, with all the components of the wall available for customers to take home.

Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj Gallery WallThe gallery wall in our old space.

We also knew we wanted to stick to our colors: bright red, black, white, and gold. Like with all interior missions, we called upon Umami Mart's Danish Queen, Anders Arhoj, of Studio Arhoj. In addition to designing the Gallery Wall, Arhoj was our third hand during the move, checking surfaces, finishes, colors, and height.

Future home of the Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj Gallery Wall.

Umami Mart Gallery Wall

In April, about a month before opening, the walls were still being insulated.

Umami Mart Gallery WallArhoj measuring up the height of the wall. We weren't kidding about the bigger part of "bigger and better." 

Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj Gallery WallArhoj simulating the height of the bar 

Joe and Devin of Manual Labor helped us immensely in putting up the Gallery Wall.

Well actually, they put up the Gallery Wall.

Kayoko helped by putting up the Pearls.

Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj Gallery Wall

We asked Arhoj himself what the concept behind the wall is:

For the new Umami Mart location, I wanted to create a wall inspired by the home of an artist living in 1950's Tokyo. A period in time where the country was in great change – with strong cultural influences from abroad, yet tied to its past. I integrated some of my own ceramic designs for the wall as well - and instead of pure illustrations I worked more with mixed media collages, drawing on top of dusty old Japanese woodblock prints, tearing up old European paintings and reassembling them in the spirit of Umami Mart – a place of cultural exchange and inspiration between the past, present, and future.

The wall lives in the back of our space perpendicular to the bar. We love seeing bar patrons sauntering over to the wall and getting a closer look. We also encourage people shopping in the store to explore the wall. Each piece tells a story on its own, but in its entirety, it is a sight to behold.

Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is located in the back of the space by the bar.

Our first bar customer Rhonda, enjoy a drink and the art!

We asked everyone at Umami Mart "Which Studio Arhoj Print Are You?" in the spirit of launching our virtual Gallery Wall online.

I'll go first:

Umami Mart x Studio Arhoj Gallery Wall

"My favorite print is Swarm of Bees, which features a bee larva looking out to her sisters. I love this image because I am a beekeeper and I love my sisters. Save the pollinators!" - Yoko, Co-Founder

"I am the Ikimashou! print because that little blob has a positive attitude and wants to get stuff done." - Chris, Manager 

"I am the Poppy Party print. That's me in the background dancing among the poppies while Yoko waits for me to finish so we can get home in time for dinner." - Kayoko, Co-Founder

Create your own gallery at home with components on our wall!


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