Umami Mart Registry

We are total gadget heads here at Umami Mart. Johnny always scoffs when I bring home a new kitchen toy, or cocktail tool -- we even tried to implement a rule of getting rid of something in order to bring in a new product. But that didn't last long.

When I brought home these two Microdent knives, Johnny yelled, "More knives?!?" But these are the best: Yoko and I visited Seki City where they are well known for their knives, and the president of Seki Kanetsugu, maker of these Microdent knives, gave us a presentation on why these knives were superior. He even had us slice carrots and everything; as avid cooks, we were convinced. They are the best!

Lightweight and sharp as hell, these are the most versatile knives I have in my kitchen. The serrated edge keeps its sharpness and the blade does not wear out as fast as my other knives. I use both sizes (7" and the shorter 5.3") nearly every time I cook.

They are indeed superior for all sorts of cutting jobs:

Slicing vegetables -- the large knife is great to cut larger leafy-er greens like cabbage or collard greens

Excellent bread knife!


I actually use my smaller one to cut up meats and fish, no matter how large the job. I feel like I can control the blade better, and it cuts through the flesh like butter.


Of course when you do feel like the blade could use a facelift, go ahead and sharpen the back side (not the serrated side).


Another reason why the president of Seki Kanetsugu, Mr. Kawamura, was so confident in his knife was the reasonable price point. At under $40, these knives are a fantastic entry-level kitchen knife for anyone trying out Santoku (all-purpose Japanese-style) knives for the first time. I always recommend the MAC Santoku knife if you're ready to step it up a notch.

But for now, I hope you give these babies a whirl. We wouldn't import them if we didn't think they were awesome.