Father's Day is June 16

We learned, we drank and we ate all things ume during our Umeshu Class last Sunday. During the two-hour session, we learned about the history of ume and umeshu, how to make it and ate an array of dishes that highlighted ume. Along side sips of umeshu, of course.

Ume, or Japanese plum, originated from China and is genetically closest to the apricot. Today, Japan hosts hundreds of varieties of ume mainly grown in Wakayama prefecture. On Sunday, we were greeted with a huge basket of gorgeous California Nanko ume, just harvested from Sacramento:


Junko of Peko Peko was our instructor and took us through the umeshu-making process:


From choosing the right ume to the right sugar, she showed us examples of umeshu using brandy vs. shochu and rock sugar vs. kokuto (black sugar from Okinawa).

Kokuto (black sugar)

Rock sugar

After tasting some different types of sugars, we were ready to make umeshu.

Weighing ume:


Combining the ingredients:


For a basic recipe on making umeshu, please see previous posts on Umami Mart:
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The hard part is waiting (for at least 3 months)

Salmon korroke with ume tonkatsu sauce

White rice with house made umeboshi


Thank you to everyone who attended!