Father's Day is June 16

We are beyond excited to announce yet another collaboration event with our neighbor The Trappist. Baird Beer, a brewery from Numazu, Japan will be visiting for one night only, taking over 10 taps at the Trappist! Mr. Bryan Baird himself will be here from Japan, along with John, who works at the brewery as well. So you'll be able to chat them up and ask them all sorts of questions about their specialty beers, brewing practices in Japan, and how they come up with the names of their beers. Ok, those are my questions.

To take this event to the next level, we've asked Casa de Kei to make takoyaki for the party! So he'll be here, flipping little octopus balls like a mad man. Takoyaki are really are the ideal accompaniment to a pint of ice cold draft beer. Dig it!

Baird Beer started in 2000 as a husband-wife venture. Their motto is "Celebrating Beer" -- what's not to love about these guys? A little birdy told us which of Baird's illustrious beers will be available on tap for this night only. Here's the list, along with Brewmaster Bryan's comments:

Numazu Lager
"Most people associate the word 'Lager' with beers mass-produced by large industrial breweries. These beers are light, crisp and refreshing, but not terribly flavorful. A Lager can be more than that, though. Numazu Lager is crisp and refreshing, but also rich in flavor and complexity."

Wabi-Sabi Japan Pale Ale
"This is the beer taste of the wabi-sabi Japanese cultural aesthetic that has informed all of my brewing. It is boldness of flavor leavened by quiet simplicity and subdued refinement."

Rising Sun Pale Ale
"A Pale Ale is to the Ale beer world what a Pilsner is to the Lager beer world – a go to style widely brewed and broadly loved. If I was cursed by god to drink but only a few beer styles the rest of my days, Rising Sun Pale Ale would make the list."

Kurofune Porter
"Porter is one of the world's classic Ale styles. Historically, London was the epicenter of Porter brewing. The revival of Porter brewing in modern times is courtesy of the Craft Beer Renaissance. Porter is a robust and nourishing style – what is meant by the phrase 'liquid bread.' "

Red Rose Amber Ale
"Red Rose exhibits what I think is a wonderfully balanced interplay between hop and malt character. Both are distinct and prevalent but neither dominates. Taken as a whole, Red Rose is greater than the sum of its parts – sort of like a good marriage."

Single Take Session Ale
"I love to drink beer every day. I enjoy immensely the wonderful aromas and flavors imparted to beer from hops. Single-Take Session Ale is one of my favorite every day beers as it manages to be both moderate in alcohol strength and yet full-on in hop character."

Angry Boy Brown Ale
"This is sort of an autobiographical beer. My mother often used to call me 'Mister Intense' or 'Angry Boy.' Angry Boy makes for a great beer name. Mister Intense, though, better expresses the flavor experience you will encounter in this passionate Brown Ale."

Yabai-Yabai Strong Scotch Ale (seasonal)
“One pint and the bite will be taken out of the evening autumn chill. Two pints and you will experience a blissfully warming sensation throughout your body. Three pints and…YABAI!”

West Coast Wheat Wine (seasonal)
“Wheat Wine is a beer style emblematic of the craft brewing revolution which began to blaze on the U.S. West Coast in the 1980s. It’s a style offspring of the marriage between American craft brewers’ respect for tradition and their irreverent creativity.”

GET EXCITED!!! We really can't wait for this, it will be a guaranteed RAD TIME.

WHAT: Baird Tap Takeover + Takoyaki Party

WHEN: Wednesday 11/12, 6pm-till sold out

WHERE: The Trappist
460 8th Street
Old Oakland, CA
BART: 12th Street/ Oakland City Center
Google Map

See ya'll at the Trappist! We'll be open late at Umami Mart too, just come through the back door. No, really.

*Awesome poster design by, of course, Yoko Kumano. In the all-time best Umami Mart designs after this and this. And this!