Umami Mart Registry

We are thrilled to host a complimentary coffee tasting this Saturday with Horiguchi Coffee, a roaster from Tokyo. Founded in 1990, Horiguchi is a craft roaster that sources beans from Colombia, Tanzania, Panama and Ethiopia. With three cafes in Tokyo, Horiguchi prides itself on using only premium beans; utilizing advanced roasting technique.

Two blends will be available to taste this Saturday, and Yoko and I can attest that Horiguchi coffees are excellent. Smooth and bright, Horiguchi coffee tastes fresh with every pour.

Juli and Kenji Shimodaira, proprietors of Kohee Coffee, will lead the tasting. Native to the Bay Area and passionate about the art of coffee, Juli and Kenji import Horiguchi coffees to showcase the best of Japan's coffee culture. We are so excited to bring these coffees to our Umami Mart customers.

WHAT: A FREE tasting of Horiguchi Coffee, a roastery in Tokyo

WHEN: Saturday June 20, 11:30am-2:30pm

WHERE: Umami Mart
815 Broadway
Old Oakland, CA
BART: 12th Street
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