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We are lucky to go to Japan every year to visit makers, artisans, breweries, and factories to see where our products are made. On our last trip in April, Yoko and I visited one of Kimura Glass Company's factories, right in the middle of Tokyo. Here's what we saw!

Kimura Glass Company was established in 1910 and its glasses are widely used today throughout Japan's most elite cocktail bars. Its lightweight, elegant, and modern designs are trademark to the brand.

We have been proudly carrying a line of Kimura glassware for several years now, and often, supply runs low and the glasses become backordered for months. This is not only due to high demand for the glasses worldwide, but also the fact that skilled glass-makers at this level are extremely hard to find in Japan. When we visited the factory where all of Kimura's stemware are made (as well as our Plain and Seamless Diamond Cut Mixing Glasses!), it became clear how difficult it is to hand-blow stemware. 

Making champagne coupes:

What impressed me the most was how these artisans were working in such a tight space with long poles and scalding hot equipment. It was like watching a ballet as each craftsperson maneuvered around each other to perform their specific tasks. No movements were wasted, nor was there any shouting or unnecessary chatter.

Kimura's glassmaking oven:

Schedule for making cocktail glasses and champagne flutes:

The factory equipment looked like creatures from a Ghibli movie with tubes as arms and legs, ready to come to life at any minute.

Each step happens in the tight quarters of the factory, from blowing, polishing, leveling to finishing.

Polishing Stella Coupes:

Our Rap Martini Glasses!

Stella Coupes!

Our Seamless Diamond Cut Mixing Glass!

Rap glasses ready to ship out:


Glass-making material:

Workers' bikes:

Currently, we carry four styles of Kimura Glasses – order these timeless glasses for your own bar today!

Rap Coupe Glass
Rap Martini Glass
Mikumi Glass
Stella Coupe Glass