Father's Day is June 16

Happy Shochu'sday!

Today I've brought out my Yuki Otoko Rice Shochu.

You may have seen this cute snow yeti on a sake bottle label before – it's one of our favorite sakes in the shop! Niigata's Aoki Shuzo, maker of Yuki Otoko sake, collaborated with Nishi Yoshida Shuzo in Fukuoka (who make the very amazing Kintaro Barley Shochu) to release this very special kasutori shochu, made with sake lees.

The result is a crisp shochu – I get a real ginjo aroma on the nose, along with bananas, and it's quite dry yet funky, thanks to the sake lees.

Enjoy on the rocks, mizuwari (with water), in a Studio Arhoj ceramic Slurp Cup, with a few slices of shime saba by Kuni. Play some Taeko Ohnuki on your speakers!

Check out our photos from our visit to Aoki Shuzo in 2015! We were so cute.

This bottle is not yet available in the states and was a gift to me by Cabs many years ago. I bring it out for special occasions. Like my birthday week! Kanpai to all my Taurus brothers + sisters!👯‍♀️


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