Father's Day is June 16

Happy Shochu’sday!
Today let’s talk kokuto. Made with black cane sugar, this shochu must be made on the Amami Islands for it to be considered kokuto shochu.

We just got this bottle in: Taiko No Kuro Usagi Kokuto Shochu. Made by Yayoi Jozo on Amami Island, this shochu is made with white koji, and aged in Evergreen Oak barrels for 5 years.

The result is a smooth, lush drink, excellent on the rocks with soda. If you are feeling frisky, add pineapple juice and a wedge of lime!

Kokuto shochu definitely reminds me of rum, due to the likeness of the sugar cane. Some can be very wild and vegetal like Agricole or Jamaican rum. That’s thanks to the koji!


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