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Battle ReCPY: Madeleines (Mary Ann + Marcus)

Valentine's Day is so overrated. Why do people pay extra for red roses? Why do you have to buy new lingerie? WTF is up with all the chocolate? I don't understand what's so romantic about today--it's just a regular Monday to me. Us consumers are so manipulated by Don Draper and his crew.

Having said that, today's ReCPY is a perfect homemade gift idea for this not-so-special day. Elegant, buttery and soft, madeleines are perfect for post-coital munching. After my Mary Ann and Marcus failures from last week, I was determined to master the madeleine.


2 eggs
100g flour
60g sugar
30g honey
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 stick of butter


This recipe is the same as before, sans the browned butter. You can totally just melt the butter and use it immediately, which is what I did.

Since I was expecting guests, I doubled the recipe this time. I also made a regular flour version, and a rice flour version, the MOdeleine, to add to my MO-Dessert series. Remembering my past mistakes, I made sure I sprayed the pan very thoroughly this time.

I also decided 425˚F oven was way too high, and I set it at 390˚F this time.

In this photo, the top half are the MOdeleines (a bit paler), and the bottom half is the regular madeleine batch.


You want to fill the shells to about a half and inch below the top line (as you can see below), to avoid the fatty Mary Anns.


These came out very nicely. This bulge, or nipple, or erection is what you are looking for.


For whatever scientific reason, the MOdeleines did not get an erection. Maybe rice flour is asexual. Wait, an erection for a girl? Maybe Madeleine is a transvestite.

They are very pretty. I was confident I made Madeleine and MOdeleine perfectly.


Nice edge, with a very cute shell shape.


Totally erect.


I served them for my guests, and I also took a bite. Something was off. That's when I realized I screwed up the proportions--I had doubled all the ingredients, except for the BUTTER! I needed two sticks of butter for each batch, but I only added one stick. The texture was more bread-y than cake-like, and tasted way too healthy. This wasn't Madeleine at all. This was her skinny Swedish model friend, Marta.

After our guests left, I melted another stick of butter and added it to the existing batter.

The next day, I went and bought an additional madeleine pan to expedite the process, and prepared a well-buttered batter.


Since the batter had been chilling overnight with enough butter in it, the dough was harder than I hoped. I wasn't sure if this would melt, but put them in oven anyways.


Yep, they did. This is it!


For some reason, the MOdeleines came out darker than the madeleines. After all, it's rice flour, so maybe MOdelaine is an Asian, not Caucasian.


I don't know if you can see the difference, but left is Marta: the texture is rougher, looks too healthy. The right is Madeleine, very soft, buttery and  light in texture.


Finally, I am proud to present Madeleine and MOdeleine.



Now that I've covered the basics, I can start adding different ingredients to them to create something brand new. Maybe I will add more baking powder for bigger "boobs", and call her Jwoww.